63 Years of Bugenhagen-Konvikt

A journey through the changing history of the Konvikt

Bugenhagen-Konvikt e.V. looks back on more than 60 years of history. Since the winter semester 1958/59 we have been providing affordable housing to students from Germany and abroad. There have always been challenges: Upheavals in society and science (the„68s“), housing shortages and rising energy prices.

The fact that Bugenhagen-Konvikt has stayed on course over the past decades is owed to a circle of supporting sponsors, the good relationshiop with the Faculty of  Theology and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northern Germany, the committed work of the Board and the Board of Trustees, and - last but not least - the reliable work of the team on site.

Take a tour of more than 60 years of history of Bugenhagen-Konvikt!

  • 7th of December 1956

    Founding of the association of Bugenhagen-Konvikt in Hamburg e. V.
  • 1958

    First residents move in for winter semester 1958/59
  • 1962

    Prayer room is set up in the basement. Bronze cross by sculptor Rolf Goerle
  • 1970

    Cancellation of visiting hours from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • 1971

    Debates on "Rosa Flure" (pink corridors): Following three years of discussion, the first female students move in for the winter semester 1971/72. Initially, their proportion is limited to 30%
  • 1974

    Serious financial crisis, Konvikt threatened by closure. Merger of ecclesiastical student residences is being considered
  • 1977

    Takeover of the Konvikt through the Nordelbische Kirche. Considerations of merger with the association for ecumenical student halls
  • 1980

    Installation of a new heating boiler. Canteen operation discontinued
  • 1985

    Cornerstone ceremony of House IIIa on the 29th of April, Modification of House I: the smaller rooms are merged into larger ones. Full funding through the City of Hamburg
  • 1985

    Topping out ceremony of House IIIa on the 11th of July.
  • 1986

    Inauguration of house IIIa on the 29th of May
  • 1990

    Renewal of the windows of House I and II. Funded by the authority for science and research and the Hamburgische Wohnungsbaukreditanstalt
  • 1991

    All rooms in house II supplied with hot water. Complete renovation of all bathrooms and kitchens in the Houses I and II. Bed linens and towels are no longer provided
  • 1992

    Plans to add a second floor on top on House II
  • 1993

    Beginning of construction of second floor on top of House II on the 27th of July
  • 1994

    Inauguration ceremony of the on-top construction of House II on 24th of June
  • 1997

    Installation of a new heating system
  • 1998

    Insulation of the external walls. General assembly of residents decides to establish a solidarity fund for residents who have financial difficulties.
  • 2004

    Renewal and insulation of roof of House IIIa
  • 2005

    Setup of Wireless-LAN. Internet access in every room
  • 2008

    Installation of legally required smoke detectors in all rooms, kitchens and common rooms. New facade painting for House II.
  • 2009

    Cycle storage as a weather-proof place for 60 bicycles. Financially supported by Haspa. New Wireless-LAN for a faster and more stable internet
  • 2010

    Renovation of all shower units. Part-financing through the authority for science and research
  • 2011

    We made the energy transition! Commissioning of a cogeneration unit to reduce energy expenditure and for an energy-saving fresh water station. Part-financing by the authority for urban development and environment and the EDG Kiel foundation.
  • 2014

    New web presence
  • 2015

    Renewal of WLAN System to adapt to the latest technical requirements
  • 2016

    Construction and commissioning of a pavilion used as a multifunctional prayer room in the heart of the Konvikt
  • 2017

    New web presence