Student residence FAQ


The bar is managed by the residents. The bar is no public venue. It is just a common room for residents of the Konvikt. The bar has no financial interests. The bar-team is elected by the residents in the plenary.

  • Every resident has free access to the bar.
  • It is allowed to organize an event once a week on Wednesday. Loud music is forbidden. The event is to end by 01:00 pm
  • A party may be held once a month upon consultation with the administration.
  • Upon consultation with the administration, once a month the bar may be rented by a resident for holding a private event . Rental rights are not transferable.
  • After the event, the Bar-Team or the tenant has to clean the bar, the toilet, the storeroom, the staircase and the outdoor area and any other areas used .
  • The Bar-Team has to assume responsibility of the domestic rights. The domestic rights lie with the administration, the caretaker and the inspector. The demands of the named persons must be obeyed. The named persons must always be granted access to the bar.
  • The Bar-Team or the tenant has to ensure that the outside area is quiet from 11 p.m.

There is a Facebook-group, which is managed by the president and a few of the residents. This group is the fastest communication medium of the residence. Please keep in mind that not everyone has a Facebook account. For important messages, please use the "Flurfunk"

The Facebook group can also be viewed in the internal area of this page without logging in.

3Escape routes

All floors are escape routes and must be kept clear. Clothes horses, furniture and shoes are not allowed in the corridors. Shoes may be placed on one's own threshold.


An email to automatically reaches all residents. This address can be used for important messages and to assure that all residents are reached.

5Guest rules

Of course it is allowed to have guests. The following rule applies After one week a guest has to be registered and an amount of 2,50€ per day per guest has to be paid. Guests can stay for a max. of 2 weeks. Exceptions have to be agreed on with the administration.

Please communicate with your corridor in particular the number of guests and the duration of their stay.


The heating of the student residence is controlled centrally. For this purpose, a complex process was carried out that determines the room temperature of all rooms and thus defines the ideal heating area for the heating system..


The Konvikt is obliged to save data on internet usage in accordance with § 113b of the Telecommunication act. By logging into our WLAN system, you agree to this data saving. The data is stored by the service provider Intelligent Solution and only passed on at the instruction of the inspector and the administration. The Konvikt endeavors to keep the storage of data as low as possible.

The use, download, provision etc. of any kind of illegal content, including streaming of copyright protected material in images, sound or text, is prohibited. Torrents, P2P, Usenet and One-Click-Hosters are also prohibited as long as they are copyright protected. And yes, everyone knows that films that are still showing in theatres are protected by copyright.

Please keep in mind that everyone uses the Web. If you are a poweruser yourself (>50GB per month), please consider acquiring your own internet connection.

Every user can register up to 3 devices at the same time. Please do not pass on your login data .

8Communication with the administration

Every resident is obliged to provide the administration with a current e-mail address and to check it regularly. Enquiries from the administration must be answered promptly.


Short-term-rental is not offered.


Administration The administration takes care of all matters relating to your tenancy. So, if you have any questions regarding your tenancy, please contact the administration. Furthermore, the administration will pass on any inquiries to the facility manager and/or the inspector.

Facility manager – Olaf Heinrich If something is borken or not working properly in your room, in your corridor or elsewhere, please contact the facility manager. The easiest way is to use the facility manager-mailbox on the right hand side of the mailboxes in the entrance area. The facility manager is responsible for the condition and the maintenance of the house and the property.

Inspector – Rieke Selig The inspector is responsible for a good living together in the student residence and the management. In case of interpersonal or personal problems in the student residence, you may get in touch with the inspector. The inspector is also your contact for bigger events in the house or on the floors.


Waste must be separated and disposed of properly. The following regulations apply:

1. Blue Ton

  • paper waste only
  • paper waste not in plastic bags

2. Yellow ton

  • Beverage cans (deposit-free)
  • Food cans
  • pet-food- trays
  • Tubes for mustard, mayonnaise etc.
  • Lids and crown corks
  • Aluminium foil and BBQ trays made of aluminium
  • Clothes hangers
  • Cutlery, pans, pots, kitchen graters or can openers
  • Nails and fittings, tools
  • Yoghurt and curd cups
  • PET beverage bottles (deposit-free)
  • Srew caps
  • Detergent and dishwashing liquid bottles, toothpaste and creme tubes and shampoo containers
  • Plastik bags, garbage bags, freezer or breakfast bags, cling film
  • Toys, games, felt-tip pens
  • Office supplies made of plastic
  • Shutters, switches
  • Shower curtains, cleaning buckets
  • Folding boxes
  • Gloves
  • Pump spray bottles
  • Milk and juice cartons (Tetra Paks)
  • Packages made of aluminium and plastic (e.g. bags for instant soups)
  • Packages made of aluminium and paper (e.g. butter wrappings)
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Old clothes
  • Haushold waste
  • Construction waste
  • Problematic materials
  • Garden waste
  • Commercial waste
  • Electrical waste
  • Wood
3. Glass
  • You can dispose every kind of glass in the containers in front of the supermarket Glasmeyer.
4. Bulky waste
  • Every inhabitant has the right to call the bulky waste removal. Everything which does not fits in the tons belongs to the bulky waste like furniture, electronic, woods or construction waste.
5. Black ton
  • Everything which does not belongs to the categories has to dispose in the black ton.


The Pavillon is open for every resident and may be used for events. The Pavillon is equipped with a beamer. This may also be used by every resident. The use must be agreed with the administraton.

The pavilion is a multi-religious prayer room and should be treated as such. A prayer service takes place here once a week.

After using the pavilion it must be tidied up and left clean. It is professionally cleaned every Wednesday.

All residents of the Konvikt should be invited to events in the pavilion.

13Mail and Parcels

Please always include your room number with your address. This makes delivery easier for everyone involved. The administration only accepts parcels if they fit in the mailbox.

Please organize the receipt of your parcels yourself.

14Cleanliness and Tidyness

The students are responsibe for cleanliness. Kitchens and common rooms must be kept tidy and clean. Common rooms are not storage rooms for old furniture or things that you no longer need. These are to be disposed of.

The kitchens, hallways and bathrooms are cleaned regulary but only when the areas to be cleaned have been cleared. The floors, work surfaces, sinks and toilets are cleaned. Everything else has to be cleaned by yourself, including ovens, fridges, tables and your own room.

The hallways, kitchens and bathrooms are cleaned on Mondays, the hallways and bathrooms on Wednesdays.


There are three washing machines and one dryer in the basement of House II. You will find a drying room in the basement of both House I and House II. You will find three rotary clothes dryers behind the garden shed. Thus, there is plenty of space for drying. The drying of laundry in the corridors, in the rooms and the common rooms is strictly forbidden. Please use the areas provided. Of course, you can use your own drying horse in the drying rooms and outside.

Please be sure to clean the lint filter after using the dryer and check that the filter is clean before you use the dryer.

The residents are responsible for the cleanliness of the room.

16Interim rental
Interim rental is only allowed with consent of the administration and only for a period of at least two months to a maximum of six months. The tenant has to present a sub-tenant him-/herself. This person must be under 27 years of age and a registered student at a Hamburg university. Interim rental is possible after 6 months at the earliest and not at the end of your rental period. The tenant's deposit will be retained for the period of sub-letting. The handover of the room with all the things inside is to be contractually regulated between the tenant and the sub-tenant. The interim rental contract is concluded by Bugenhagen Konvikt. The decision on the approval of an interim rental is made by the administration. The interim rental period is counted towards the tenant's maximum rental period. Independent subletting, including in particular: AirBnB, Couchsurfing, etc., are prohibited and lead to an immediate warning or termination.