Admission criteria

The administration decides about the allocation of the rooms. To make sure that your application is taking into account please observe the following conditions:

Rooms and floors

The dormitory Bugenhagen- Konvikt has about 96 single rooms. They are all between 10 and 18 m² big and have laminate flooring. The furniture consisting of a bed with mattress, big closet and shelf, a desk and desk chair. In most of the rooms you have a washbasin with mirror and a telephone socket. (A telephone contract has to be concluded by your own) Every rooms has its own postbox which is in the foyer in house I. Several rooms form a floor community, which belongs to the modern sanitary facilities, a kitchen and the community room. All rooms which were used by the floor community were cleaned several times a week by a company. But furthermore the residents have to show initiative because they are responsible for the community rooms. In the basement of house II there are 3 washing machines and one dryer with a pay station. We don`t have rooms for allergy sufferers.


The rent is calculated according to the room size which is about 245,- EUR for 10 m² and 309,- EUR for 18 m². The rents include incidental costs (water, heating, electricity and waste disposal costs) Furthermore we offer free access to the internet.
When moving in we demand a rent deposit of 300,-EUR which just can be payed cash.
There are ne short-term tenants. Please don't ask for rental shorter then 6 month.
Washing machines and dryer are in the basement of house II. One wash costs 1,50,- EUR and one wash cycle with the dryer costs 1,-EUR.