Das Wohnheim im Westen Hamburgs gibt es nun seit über 55 Jahren.
Hier wird zusammen gelebt, gelernt, gestritten, gefeiert, geruht.
Bugenhagen-Konvikt e.V.
Das Bugenhagen-Konvikt ist mehr als ein Wohnheim.
Andachten, Barabende, Diskussionsrunden und vieles mehr werden angeboten.
Für alle Spenden, die das gemeinschaftliche Leben im Konvikt unterstützen helfen
und ein positives Wohngefühl möglich machen, danken wir herzlich!
Wohnen im Bugenhagen-Konvikt. Günstig, freundlich, herzlich.
Ruhig und elbnah. Ein toller Platz in Hamburg.

Student residence FAQ


The bar is administrated by the students. The bar is no public venue. It is just a living room for residents of the Konvikt. The bar has no financial interests. The bar-team is elected by the residents in the plenary.

  • Every resident has free access to the bar.
  • It is allowed to organize an event one time a week which is on Wednesday. Loud music is forbidden. The event has to be ended till 01:00 pm
  • One time a month it is allowed to organize a party upon consultation with the administration.
  • One time a month the bar can be rented to a resident for a private event upon consultation with the administration. Rental rights cannot be transferred.
  • The Bar-Team or the renter has to clean the bar, the toilet, storeroom, staircase and the outdoor area after the event.
  • The Bar-Team has to representative the domestic authority. The domestic authority has the administration, the facility manager and the inspector. The instructions of these persons has to be followed and has to provide access to the bar.
  • The Bar-Team or the renter has to ensure that it is quiet from 23 ó clock in the outdoor area.

There is a Facebook-group, which is administrated by the president and a few of the residents.This group is the fastest medium to communicate. Please keep in mind that not everybody has a Facebook-account. For important messages please use the "Flurfunk"

Die Facebook-Gruppe kann auch ohne Login im Internen Bereich dieser Seite eingesehen werden.

3Emergency escape routes

All floors are emergency escape routes and has to remain free. Clothes horses, furnitures and shoes are not allowed. Shoes can be placed on the own threshold.


Send a mail to[email protected] automatically reaches all residents. This address is for important messages and to make sure to reach all residents.

5Rules for guests

Of course it is allowed to have guests. There is the following arrangementAfter one week a guest has to be registered and an amount of2€ per day per guest paid. Guests have to stay for max. 2 weeks. Exceptions have to be agreed by the administration.

Please talk with your floor because of the number of guests and the duration of the stay.


The heating of the student residence is controlled centrally.It took an elaborate process, which definded the temperature of the room and the best warming area for the heating system..


The Konvikt is obligated to save all datas for web using within § 113b telecommunication law. With the login in our WLAN system you agree to this data saving. These datas were saved by the service provider Intelligent Solutions and will only transferred to the administration upon request of the inspector. The Konvikt is strived to save less datas than possible.

The use, download, provide etc. of all illegal contents including which are protected by copyright contents in text, music or pictures is forbidden. Torrents, P2P, Usenet and One-Click-Hoster. And yes, everyone knows that films which were currently played in the cinema are protected by copyright.

Please keep in mind that the Web is for everyone. If you are a poweruser (>50GB per month) please think about an own internet connection.

Every user can use 3 devices at the same time. Don`t pass your Login datas .

8Communication with the administration

Every resident is obligated to give the administration the current E-Mail contact and to check it regularly. Please answer qickly.


Short-term-renter are renter who live shorter than 6 months in the Konvikt (interim renter) or renter who don`t study on a university in Hamburg. They could live more than 6 months eventually.

The administration decides if the short-time rent is possible on the basis of a rate (max.10%)The aim of the Konvikt is to avoid such contracts. short time renter pay 24 € in addition.


Administration The administration is responsible for all matters of the rent. If you have questions please ask the administration. In addition the administration pass questions to the facility manager and the inspector.

Facility manager – Olaf Heinrich If something in your room is broken please get in contact with the facility manager. The easiest way is to use the facility manager-mailboy on the right side of the other mailboxes.The facility manager is responsible for maintenance of house and plot.

Inspektor – Simon Eckhardt The inspector is responsible for a good living together in the student residence and managing director. If you have interpersonal or personal problems in the student residence please get in contact with the inspector. The inspector is also contact person for bigger events in the house.


Please separate the waste and follow these instructions:

1. Blue Ton

  • only paper
  • paper nicht not in plastic bags

2. Yellow ton

  • Cans
  • pet-food- trays
  • Tubes for mustard, mayonnaise etc.
  • Covers, crown corks
  • Aluminium fold
  • Clothes hanger
  • Silverware, pans, pots, can opener
  • Tools
  • Yoghurt cups
  • Bottles
  • Srew caps
  • Bottles for dishwashing liquids, tubes for tooth paste and cremes and shampoos
  • Plastik bags, garbage bags, freezer bags, plastic wrap
  • Toys, games, felt-tips
  • Office materials made of plastic
  • Panels
  • Shower curtains
  • Boxes
  • Gloves
  • Pump spray bottles
  • Milk or juice from the box
  • Packages made of aluminium and plastic
  • Packages made of aluminium and paper
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Old clothes
  • Haushold waste
  • Construction waste
  • Problematic materials
  • Garden waste
  • Commercial waste
  • Electrical waste
  • Wood
3. Glass
  • You can dispose every kind of glass in the containers in front of the supermarket Glasmeyer.
4. Bulky waste
  • Every inhabitant has the right to call the bulky waste removal. Everything which does not fits in the tons belongs to the bulky waste like furniture, electronic, woods or construction waste.
5. Black ton
  • Everything which does not belongs to the categories has to dispose in the black ton.


The Pavillon is open for every resident and can be used for events. In the Pavillon there is a beamer. The Using is allowed in coordination with the administraton..

The pavillon is a multi religious prayer room where one time a week take place a prayer.

After using you have to clean and tidy it up. Every wednesday will be cleaned by the cleaning team.

13Post and Parcels

Please give in addition to your address always your room number. This is easier for delivering. The administration just accept the delivery when they fit into the mailbox.

Please organize the acceptance of the packages.

14Cleanliness and tidyness

The students are responsibe for the cleanliness. Kitchens and common rooms have to be tidy and clean. The common rooms aren`t store rooms for old furniture or things you don`t need any more. They have to be thrown away. Kitchens, floors and bathrooms were cleaned regulary but just if the surfaces are free. The following things were cleaned: Floor, work surfaces, washbasins and the toilets. Everything else has to be cleaned by yourself including the oven, fridges, tables and your own room. On monday the floor, kitchens and bathrooms will be cleaned and on wednesday the floors and the bathrooms.

There are three washing machines and one dryer in the basement of House I. In House I and II there is a drying room. Behind the garden house you find three rotary dryer. There are enough possibilities for drying. The drying oft he laundry on the floors and the common-rooms is forbidden. Please use these possibilities and of course you can dry your laundry outside. After using the dryer please clean the fluff filter and look if it is cleaned before you use the dryer. The students are responsible fort he cleanliness.
16Interim rental
An interim rental is only allowed with the agreement of the administration and since a duration of not less than two months and not more than six months. The tenant has to bring an interim renter. The renter has to be under the age of 30 and a student of an university of Hamburg. An interim rental is allowes at the earliest after six months and not allowed at the end of a rental. For that time the deposit will be kept. The handover of the room with all the things inside has to be agreed by contract between interim renter and renter. This contract has to be presented to the administration of Bugenhagen Konvikt. While the rental contract is made by Bugenhagen Konvikt. The decision if the interim rental will be permitted is made by the administration. An interim rental is taking into account for the whole time of the rent-duration. An interim rental by itself ( AirBnB, Couchsurfing, etc.) is forbidden and will lead to a warning or termination.